Programme | September 17, 2023

Session 12: Preterm labor and preterm birth: Maternal and Child Health

  • 08:30–10:00

  • Chairs: Sandra M Blois (Germany) & Alexandra Gellhaus (Germany)

  • 08:30–08:55
    M2-polarized macrophages prevent preterm birth and improve neonatal survival and immunity
    Nardhy Gomez-Lopez, Wayne State University (USA)

    Leveraging the host immune:microbe interaction for preterm birth prediction and prevention
    Lynne Sykes, Imperial College London (UK)

    Short and long term consequences of early preterm birth: challenges in understanding
    Andrei S. Morgan, University of Paris (France)

    The role of cervical neutrophils in cervicovaginal inflammation in women at high-risk of delivering preterm
    Belen Gimeno-Molina, Imperial College London (UK)

    Prematurity alters telomere length in children
    Josina Hofer, UKE (Germany)

  • 10:05–10:30 Coffee Break

Session 13: Awards

  • 10:30–11:00

  • Chairs: Joanne Kwak Kim (USA), Udo Markert (Germany), Anke Diemert (Germany), Sandra M. Blois (Germany)

    • JRI Award (Basic and Clinical Science)
    • ISIR New Investigator (Basic and Clinical Science)
    • ESRI New Investigator (Basic and Clinical Science)
    • German Reprod. Immunology Award (Basic and Clinical Science)

Session 14: Mentors

  • 11:00–12:00

  • 11:00–11:30
    Remembering Great Mentors
    Prof. Gerard Chaouat, Prof. Daniel Rukavina and Prof. Guy Andre Voisin

    Appreciating our mentors

Concluding Remarks & Lunch

  • 12:00–13:00