Welcome to the 2023 ISIR

Welcome to the 2023 15th World Congress of the International Society for Immunology of Reproduction. The 2023 ISIR Word Congress will be held September 14th to 17th  at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (Erika Haus), Hamburg, Germany.

The primary goal of the 15th World Congress of the International Society for Immunology of Reproduction is to provide a stimulating and lively forum for presentation and discussion of the latest advances in clinical reproductive immunology, from primary pregnancy disorders and their impact on Maternal and Child Health to molecular pathogenesis and novel therapeutic approaches.

The conference will focus on cutting edge clinical and basic science research. Plenary sessions of the conference are specifically designed to tackle key issues facing physicians and scientists in the field of reproductive immunology, while also exploring its inter-connectedness to other medical disciplines and healthcare in general. Challenges and benefits of new diagnostic tools and therapeutic options currently available for personalized treatment will be addressed and sessions will provide a venue for lively dialogue on the growing field of foetal programming, and the future of omics analysis.

The ultimate goal of the ISIR 2023 meeting is to engage, educate and generate a large and collaborative network of reproductive immunology physicians and scientists, in a manner that is consistent with the overarching aims of the International Society for Immunology of Reproduction, and equip them for clinical practice and research in this field.

We look forward to seeing you in Hamburg!

Prof. Sandra M Blois & Prof. Anke Diemert